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A unique opportunity to have Body Language of Success

First of its kind Online training based on the principles of NLP™, EI, Body Language, Micro Expressions, Silva and more over experience.


Body Language of Success


1-    Body Language of Success

2-    Understanding Micro Expressions

3-    Understand the power of your Subconscious Mind

4-    10 aspects of KNOW YOUR SELF and YOUR WORTH

5-    5 Skills of Effective Communication

6-    5 Hypnotic Patterns of Powerful Communicators

7-    5 Hypnotic patterns to understand misunderstandings

8-    Understand the Language of the brain to communicate better

9-    Develop Observation Skills

10- Develop Listening Skills

11- How to Operate from State of Excellence

12- Why all goes wrong

13- Stress Management

14- Logical Levels of our life

15- Understanding Values and Beliefs

16- NLP Success Formula

17- Visual Addictions

18- Understanding NLP

19- Goal Setting

20- Time Management

21- Understanding your triggers of life – What motivates and demotivates you

22- How to be happy?

23- Motivate me

24- How to achieve State of Excellence

25- Sunnah and Science of Body Language

Furthermore choose from the following list, which will be updated on my website by Mar. 28th 2020. And you can learn from the flexibility of your time. EACH SESSION is 2 hours max and is FUN, LEARNING and LIFE CHANGING.

Do you know how much role NON-VERBAL plays in your day-to-day COMMUNICATION?

Do you know how long does it take to make FIRST IMPRESSION?

Do you know what MATTERS MORE – HOW you say or what you SAY?

Can you READ the EMOTIONS of people without them saying anything?

Do you know there are 88 – 101 universal BODY Language MESSAGES?

Do you know how to ADJUST your WORDS to what you SEE more than what you HEAR?

Do you know if RAPPORT can be DEVELOPED by Non-Verbal or Verbal?


In this 2 hour MASTER CLASS you will get to now the basic INTERPRETATIONS and UNDERSTAND your own BODY LANGUAGE. People see you before they hear you and so they make an impression at their unconscious level. Once you know how you are carrying your own non-verbal communication you will be able to understand the NON-VERBAL INSIGHTS, science and skills of how you can recognize the true meaning of body language of the person in front of you. This helps you to become a more powerful leader and a successful negotiator.

• Understand 25 most important Body Language interpretations out of 101

• Learn to adjust quickly your words to what you see

• Identify the needs of people around you because you can see what they feel or think

• Interpret and Solve conflicts before they start

• Understand your Power Body Language and be a better communicator


It will be a 2 hours online fully interactive class whereby you will be learning while practicing. It is a very hands-on class and YOU WILL LOVE IT.


Anyone and everyone with an open mind and a willingness to change, learn and take charge of his or her life. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of any kind of mind sciences or psychology or NLP or Body Language or Life. If you know English is better and if not it is best.

Languages the program is offered in:

Based on the preference of the enrolled audience the program will be delivered in English, Urdu or mixed language.

Program Details:

Dates & Days:


Apr. 3


Repeat: Apr 10, Apr. 17


Class time:  8:00 pm to 9:30 pm (Pakistan Standard Time)

(Ramazan Timings will can be changed according to Iftar)

All sessions will be recorded and recording will be available to all for review. So just in case you are unable to take a live session, you will not miss anything.


Investment:     US$ 150/- (PKR 24,000/-) for a live one to one class, if you had attended the program face to face in a training room.


For NOW    US$ 75/- (PKR 12,000/-) for an ONLINE CLASS


REGISTER 7 days BEFORE the class starts and get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT and PAY ONLY US$ 35 (PKR. 5500/- ONLY)

Early Bird Discount:

REGISTER BEFORE Mar. 31st, 2020 and enjoy a DISCOUNT of US$ 200 and 

PAY ONLY US$ 199/- (PKR. 30,000/- ONLY)


REGISTER BEFORE Apr.5th, 2020 and enjoy a DISCOUNT of US$100 and

PAY ONLY US$ 299/-(PKR. 47,000/- ONLY)   

How To Register?

It’s very easy as there are several options. Email: or or Whatsapp on 0092 301 453 9999 or your following details

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