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Be a SALES SUPERSTAR – First Time in URDU – Hindi

Learn the art of reading people and become Sales Super Star
This course is based on the science of Body Language, Micro Expressions, NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, Silva Ultramind ESP and best selling tips from the person who has run successful retail business with over 70 outlets around the region. Moreover I am a Licensed NLP Trainer, Licensed Body Language Master Trainer, Licensed Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor, a life and career coach. The methodologies used in this course are based on best practices of successful sales people. You can learn and use these strategies and apply in your daily life as well.
  • Learn the basics of selling
  • How to develop the skill of LISTEN TO UNDERSTAND
  • How to develop the skill of observation
  • How to understand the language of the brain (VAKOG)
  • How to read universal micro expressions and use them in your sales
  • How to use power body language to enhance your selling capabilities
  • Learn proven techniques of sales and transform yourself from a sales person to sales super star