Course - NLP Mantra

“Discover the secret techniques used by athletes and top performers to maximize their potential, improve their performance and achieve success faster which can be used by students to improve their results, teachers to enhance their communication and business professionals to increase their earnings”

If you are looking to take control of your life, master your emotions, have more confidence, increase your earning potential and have better relationships than this training is for you.
Why I know that, because these techniques have helped me transform my life and I have taught these techniques to athletes, teachers, parents, students and professionals and they have seen amazing results by applying these techniques.

What will you learn in our NLP™ program?

  • Master your emotions and run your own brain
  • Easily create instant motivation and confidence
  • Develop greater acceptance of your message in all areas of life
  • Masterfully use language to your advantage
  • Become a more powerful communication
  • Develop keen observation skills
  • Make your unconscious mind your best friend
  • Activate & align your internal resources to achieve success
  • Instantly make people like and trust you
  • Quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviors
  • Release negative emotions quickly
  • Hypnotize others
  • Overcome limiting behaviors e.g. fears, phobias
  • and much more

Our NLP™ training includes linguistic models that reveal the hidden patterns
within communication and how to respond with influence, persuasiveness, eloquence and insight.
Here is a brief description of what is covered in this program.

  • Opening your senses
  • Empowering beliefs (Presuppositions) of NLP™
  • Set & achieve goals
  • Skills to build strong relationships – the key to influence and persuasion
  • Representational Systems
  • Submodalities – Learn to take control of your brain
  • Using language with awareness, elegance and precision
  • Anchoring – the power of controlling emotional states
  • Strategies – the unconscious processes we use to create all our behavior
  • Utilizing Time Based Techniques
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • NLP™ techniques

“ I am offering Money back Guarantee on my course,
if you don’t like my training you can get your money back 100%”

Who am I?

I am Muhammad Ali. I am a Liscensed NLP Trainer, Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor, Hypnotherapist, Body Language Trainer, SPORTS MIND COACH, Bars Access Consciousness® Practitioner and a HUMAN ENGINEER.

I have been trained by the man behind NLP himself co-founder of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler and the best in the fields John LaVelle (President of the Socity of NLP), Kamran Sultan (A NLP Master trainer, Silva Country Supervisor, a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and certified Specialist Practitioner of Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR) trained and recommended by Dr.Richard Bandler (Co-founder of NLP™), Anthony Robbins, John LaValle, Joseph Riggio, Paul McKenna, Julie Silverthorn, Russell Potts, Jo Cooper, Peter Seal, Alex G. Silva and several others.)


I am invited to many talk shows to talk about the power of mind sciences, NLP and how it can improve and transform lives.

I have shared my ideas on my other platforms like Ted talks, seminars etc. I also have worked with companies to increase the performance of their employees and motivated them to produce more.

I have had the privilege to conduct a training workshop and share performance enhancing strategies with Pakistan’s women cricket team. To win and give your best in the ground requires you to be at your absolute best, and the amazing thing is, everyone having trouble finding their direction, improving their work and relationships can use these techniques to improve their life.

“So if you are reading this up to this point, you should not wait and take action right now to register for this workshop. Those who wait are left behind and those who take action quickly are the ones who succeed.
And you can always get your money back if you don’t find my training useful”